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About Dircons Group

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George Prokos

With his will, talent and dedication he brought life into the companies.

The rise and success of Dircons Group, Dircons Developments and Dircons Mare, is the result of years of inspiration and hard work.

The Story Behind

DIRCONS GROUP is a Greek-based group of companies and an active player in the tourism & hospitality, construction & development, real estate as well as business industries.

Dircons Ltd
Dircons Ltd


Dircons Ltd was established in 2000, following a successful 20-year professional career in executive and managerial positions in domestic and international banking, financing and restructuring.

Dircons Ltd offers headhunting, consulting, international and cross-country recruitment, and direct talent selection as well as training services for banks, insurance companies, hedge funds and private investment funds, financial institutions and large companies. We are experts in identifying the right personalities for various areas of business such as: investment and corporate banking, stocks and regular incomes, currency exchange, goods, research, and hedge funds. candidates in your talent pool and potential employees also specialize in audit, finances, technologies and operations, human resources, and risk management.

Our services to companies focus on identifying the right personalities and connecting the aspirations of talented professionals – from entry-level positions to managerial and top-level executive roles – with the fast-rising and versatile needs of the finance and banking industry.

Examples of delivered projects:

  • Bank Branch Director
  • Executive Director
  • Chief Finance Office
  • Compliance Officer
  • Private Banker
  • Senior Private Banker
  • Fund Analyst
  • Fund Executive
  • Financial Reporting Team Supervisor
  • Associated Vice President
  • KYC Specialist

We specialize in recruitment in the following fields:

  • Private Banking
  • Corporate Banking
  • Investment Banking
  • Retail Banking
  • Financial Institution
  • Investment Funds
  • Asset Management
  • Insurance
  • Leasing Companies

Job Levels

  • Executives / Directors
  • Managers / Leaders
  • Technical Experts
  • Analysts
Dircons Developments
Dircons Developments


In 2014, Dircons Group expands its activities in the tourism industry, after taking into consideration the increasing demand
for tourism services in Greece. A subsidiary company, Dircons Development, is founded, focusing on real estate management,
development, and exploitation.

Dircons Mare
Dircons Mare


In 2020, DIRCONS enters the maritime tourism market intending to charter yachts. DIRCONS MARE is created and, with its launch,
the company acquires new, state-of-the-art luxury RIB boats with daily or other short-term charter agreements.


We understand that to make successful and sustainable developments and maintain
exceptional standards of service, we must also cultivate a conscious culture of both social
and environmental responsibility as a company. In 2022 we are currently working on further
advancing our operations to make the DIRCONS Group a “high sustainability” company and
Consciously align our actions with our values

We aim to evolve and reframe our identity by integrating sustainability into the core of our strategy and operations. Here’s how:

  • Further establish a strong cultural foundation based on trust and innovation
  • Focus on developing a leadership commitment, a strong motivating force for
    employee engagement
  • Reach beyond own internal boundaries and engage with multiple external
    stakeholders along the value chain and thereby create even greater value for all
    stakeholders and shareholders
  • Achieve broad-based employee engagement and disciplined mechanisms for